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Microsoft Office Version 2016 1808 10325.20118 Free trial

Microsoft's software programs package including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, Publisher, Project, Vision, and more.

Imagine, if you would, having to replace all of your house keys every three years. Welcome to Office's system of user upgrades. Every few years Microsoft updates Microsoft Office into a new version, although any survey to be administered to its users will show beyond doubt that 99% of them are completely satisfied with the current version which offers everything they've ever dreamed of and more (and that that other half percent wants features to be removed not added…). In spite of clear data that suggest otherwise, Microsoft launches a new Office package that always offers new features, and to be honest, we always end up liking some of them (for example, the progress achieved in cloud interfacing or retrieving online information from sophisticated dictionaries, etc.).
The main problem with these updates is that Microsoft is always "forced" to create a version which files aren’t entirely supported by older Office versions. This makes those who didn’t purchase the new version receive files they will be only partially able to read, or won't be able to read at all, and regarding the files they can open, to have limited editing capabilities. This way, Microsoft has to convert only 10% of users in order to make the other 90% who receive files from these 10% to get frustrated and to upgrade their Office package to the new version.
And here you are :) probably looking to upgrade your Microsoft Office package you currently have, and want to download off our website the free trial version (that will definitely suffice for a while), so why should we complain if thanks to Microsoft we've earned the privilege to assist several other visitors (now's the time for you to share this page, so others will be able to express their opinions regarding Microsoft's strategy).
After blowing some steam, we must admit that Office package is an essential package of software programs for any users with Windows set as their operating system. Next to immortal software programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, the package contains one software program worth getting to know. Outlook (which can be installed separately) is a top notch electronic mail and calendar management software program (with online support for those who travel abroad, leave their PC at home, but still want email access). OneNote (which enables you to create a "notebook" in which to store all office documents) can surprise you, even though it's not as popular as the rest of its friends.
Office also offers the Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus package, which includes other software programs such as Publisher which enables creating posters, congratulatory cards, and other printing products, as well as Access which enables users to manage databases and to create basic software programs.
In this page we'll always present you with the latest version, so you'll be able to download Microsoft Office Home / Professional 2010 or the now up to date Microsoft Office 2013.
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